Christmas Lite

This year, for the first year ever since I was about 15, I didn’t send out Christmas cards.

I also didn’t decorate as much as usual – just the tree, the mantel, a few outdoor lights. It was Christmas Lite this year – less of the hassle, less of the crowds, and yes, sadly, just a little less of the holiday cheer.

I don’t know what it was, a sense of fatigue, maybe? Fallout from an ongoing shoulder problem, perhaps? Just the ongoing stress of the past month, when our daughter’s dog was really sick, or even the stress of the past year, with our country’s economy really sick? I did have a cold but, heck, I have a cold nearly every Christmas. All I know is we decided to forego some of the usual seasonal craziness and found out that it just might be the craziness that makes Christmas memorable for us. I even cut back on the usual food splurge (except for the pumpkin pie – I am a serious pumpkin pie junkie) and felt neither sadness or joy at avoiding the usual resulting extra poundage and agita. It was just Christmas Lite – and like most ‘lite’ things, didn’t pack the same old whollop. Next year, I’ll know better.

One good thing, though – we had snow for Christmas in North Carolina, for the first time ever since I’ve lived here. Very pretty.

Snow at Lake Norman

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  1. Julie says:

    Beautiful picture!

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