Hooked on House Hunters International

My husband likes to tease me about my obsession with HGTV. Every time he returns from a business trip, he finds that every TV in the house is set to this channel. It’s true, I love to watch their programs about home improvement and to see inside all different kinds of houses in all different kinds of styles.

I particularly enjoy House Hunters International. Yes, I’m a little envious of these people who are shopping for vacation homes in exotic locales, but that doesn’t keep me from enjoying the vicarious thrill of selecting between the three bedroom condo with the great pool or the smaller fixer-upper only steps from the beach. I want a villa in Italy with its own vineyard too! Or a modern townhome with great amenities in Costa Rica or St. Thomas. Don’t you? HGTV’s House Hunters International

And my husband won’t admit it, but he watches too. After all, what makes the show so appealing is that moment of imagining that you are the one with the choice, you are the one who could be living that fabulous lifestyle, with coffee on the terrace, afternoons on the beach, and evenings dancing to an island band, sipping adult beverages and enjoying local delicacies such as fresh shrimp or a tapas bar. Especially now, when winter seems never-ending and reality hits you in the face daily with household bills or other mundane problems, it’s especially relaxing to switch on HGTV and explore the kitchens, bathrooms, and rooftop terraces of House Hunters International. Malta, St. Jean de Angely, and Cabo San Lucas, here I come!

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  1. joelle says:

    I love that show! Matt watches it too. We are envious of these people who have all this extra money to buy that second home, so fun to watch these exotic locations and see the different lifestyles. Forget retirement on a golf course, give me the Amalfi coast or one of those open breezy places in Tahiti. I can learn to live with the lizards. That’s what the fruity drinks are for :) Guess I better write that best seller, haha

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