My family celebrated Easter on the Saturday before, this year. Our daughter Katie, and her husband Brandon, invited us all over to their house and they must have scattered about a thousand plastic Easter eggs in their yard, even though we have only one young child in the family. We were ALL picking up eggs (some of them contained chocolate candies which were melting in the sun!).

After the meal, we made dioramas – or peep-boxes – with, er, Peeps. Here’s a display of our efforts:

The Peeps in Space diorama is by my youngest daughter, Becky.

Trojan Horse, with peeps inside and Helen of Troy in the tower, by m son Dan.
Naturally, I did Snape’s Potions classroom, with Harry Potter, Hermione, and Ron, and sleeping Wizards’s portraits
The Pocahontas Peep was done by my sister Jacki. “Just Around the Riverbend…”


                       We had another diorama and some decorated eggs but the pictures are overloading this post, so I’ll add them next time. Enjoy!

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  1. Virginia says:

    Carolyn, I already think you’re awesome, but this? This proves that you and your entire family are awesome and creative. I can’t wait to see the rest of the Peeps-oramas. Every last one of these had me chortling.

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