Focus, Darn it, FOCUS

For the past few weeks, I’ve been telling myself each morning that I need to write a new blog entry, but I haven’t been able to focus on a topic. In fact, I haven’t been able to focus on writing at all.


Well, let’s see. First, I went to Colorado with my husband for a few days. He goes every year, to ski, but I’ve never been so we decided this would be our first test destination. The test was, can we spend several days together without anyone else’s company? Although we were empty nesters for a short time (and we liked it), we now have our two youngest living home again while finishing college. We’ve also rarely ever vacationed anywhere without either being accompanied by family or having most of the trip taken up with business.

I’m happy to say we survived and enjoyed the trip. Even though I experienced a little altitude sickness. We enjoyed our trip up the Steamboat Springs ski gondola, we enjoyed watching a bike race, we enjoyed visiting Georgetown and the narrow-gauge railway trip. I’m now thinking about what other places we could visit as a true vacation for two.

After we got home, we pretty much turned right around again and headed for Michigan, to visit Matt’s mom on her 100th birthday. This little old Italian lady can take a licking and keep on ticking. Last March she broke her hip and, of course, we all thought maybe this would be the end, but no, she looks better now than before her hip broke. We had a great time visiting her and all the relatives, but while we were gone, our son was in a car accident. He’s fine, and nobody else was involved, but his car was totaled and his sister had to stand in for us and deal with everything. He owes her big-time.


So we got back, and much of our time was taken up with dealing with that situation, with dealing with the realization that he could have been killed (THAT will disturb your ability to focus on anything else, let me tell you). While we were gone to Michigan, one of my aunts passed away suddenly and I was unable to go to Florida for the funeral. Two of my sisters went, but much of my thoughts have been with that family.

Family relationships continued to dominate our lives following that week. A niece has gone away to college. We miss her. A nephew is ending his marriage and has moved back to North Carolina. We’re glad he’s back but sorry for his pain. An aunt came to visit for a couple of days and we had a good time catching up with her, and now a cousin and her husband have come for a visit, too. It’s been wonderful to see them, and we’ve had a chance to share good and bad news, memories, laughs, and a mean game of Yahtzee. Ultimately, for me, there’s nothing like family. They understand us.

Yesterday, I took part in a Toastmasters competition and won, so I’ll be going on to compete at the next level. Autumn has suddenly come to NC, so I’ve been organizing closets and fall clothes. The new season of TV shows have started. After a couple of months of drought, we’ve suddenly had several days of rain. Eventually, EVENTUALLY, I’ll be able to focus on writing again. In the meanwhile, I’ve had lots of inspiration, and many chances to appreciate once again how much I treasure my extended family.

Wishing all of you a happy and enjoyable Autumn and lots of love.

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2 Responses to Focus, Darn it, FOCUS

  1. joelle says:

    Happy Autumn to you too Carolyn, must be a theme of writing and family in the air today… :)
    Now back to work for me too. Focus, focus, lol

  2. Lori Steele says:

    Great post–when a lot is happening in your life and you’re unable to write; I just know you’ll be able to mine that field later for good stories. :D

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