About Carolyn

I’ve been writing fiction since 1998. Thirty-five of my short stories have been published in the US, UK, Europe, Latin America and online; some have been made into short films or radio plays. I’ve also completed three novels (and left uncompleted several more…), and two are now available at Amazon.com as paperbacks or Kindle books, along with a semi-fictional book, “Organized and Loving It”. I live in rural North Carolina. I love reading and writing, movies and tv, and talking about reading, writing, movies & tv. I’m fascinated by family relationships. If you’d like to contact me, there is a links to my Facebook account at the right, and my email address is cagosta@charter.net. I’m very friendly; stop and say hi!

I hope you like this picture, it only took 20 tries.

One Response to About Carolyn

  1. RICH ADAMS says:

    I am looking forward to meeting you at the Sherrills Ford Library next week. I have been writing advertising copy my whole life it seems. Started my first book in the 70′s, shelved it! Life got in the way. Forgot about it. Picked it up again and finished this past January. Going nuts trying to find Lit. Agent. In the meantime started book two. About half finished. Having a ball wrining in my retirement.
    I have a million questions about the way you promote, but will try to limit them to two or three, or four, or five………
    Rich Adams
    PS Like the picture. Hope I can do as well.

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